Guy Sebastian’s Eurovision postcard.

Guy Sebastian, the 2015 Australian Eurovision representative has filmed the first part of his Eurovision presentation postcard in Sydney.

Sydney provided a perfect sunrise for the Australian postcard shoot on March 26 for the Blink TV film crew. Australia’s postcard will be shown just before Guy Sebastian’s performance in the Grand Final on Saturday 23 May 2015  from Vienna.

The package, a personal gift all the way from Austria travelled high above the harbour on one of Sydney’s famous sea planes, before it was transferred to a high speed water taxi for delivery to Australia’s first Eurovision artist, Guy Sebastian.

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AUSTRALIA-6-213x213 AUSTRALIA-7-213x213 AUSTRALIA-8-213x213

Guy Sebastian was selected via an internal by SBS to represent Australia at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. He will fly the Aussie flag in Vienna with his entry Tonight again

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